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Who We Are

Zion Travails is a Prayer Missions Based Ministry which embraces Night and Day (24/7) worship and prayer, intimacy with God and preparing for the End Times as our foundation for all that we do. We believe that intimacy with Jesus and teaching others about the heart of the Father are quientessential.  We also believe that God has placed worshipping intercessors as "Watchmen on the Wall" to stand before God and gaze at His beauty. (Isaiah 62:6)  We partner with the Holy Spirit and Jesus in intimate prayer and agreement to see a might release of the Holy Spirit and Revival come to our land. 

Simply stated we stand firmly with the Spirit of God that proclaims, "The Spirit and the Bride say Come".

About Our Ministry

We are a translocal ministry with our central focus to "Awaken the Bride of Christ" by serving in houses of prayer across this country, America and throughout the world.  We assist and walk beside prayer rooms that are designed to reflect the tabernacle of David which never ceases to pray and worship God. (I Chronicles 22-24)  We also train churches who want to begin a prayer ministry in their church.  We have three formats that we are guided by the Harp and Bowl Method.  They are:   Devotion, Intercession and Worship with the Word.

There are three fasts and watches we believe to be key to seeing the manifestation of the Awakening of the Bride to come to full maturity and being washed, prepared and ready for the coming our King Messiah:  These fasts and watches are:

Global BrideGroom Fast and Watch

Esther''s Fast and Watch

Israel Fast and Watch

Outreach Programs

We have outreach programs:

Doris and Daughter Dance Ministry


Radio Show:  Zion Speaks (check local listings for time)

T. V. Show:  Zion Travails Television Broadcast


.....for as soon as Zion Travailed she brought forth her children.  Isaiah 66:8
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