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Here's the story of my path to faith...


Prior to the day the Holy Spirit came in and purged my life, I was confused, unwilling to change my lifestyle, lonely and depressed. I was in graduate school pursing a career in the cosmetic industry as a cosmetic scientist. I was also a model and a make-up artist for movie productions on Broadway and off-Broadway productions in New York City. Although it appeared as though I was ok, secretly I was ashamed of my choices and always cried out to God for deliverance.

I had given my life to the Lord at an early age, however, I was living a backslidden life. Several Super Natural events took place whereby, God separated my sinful desire and gave me His Desire deep within my heart. God sent a messenger from Brazil to tell me that God wanted me back with Him. It was after this occasion that several ministers of the Gospel shared revelatory words of knowledge with demonstration and power of the word of God with me within a 3-month time frame. Finally, Holy Ghost, himself came and purged me by removing the spirit of Sexual Perversion with signs, miracles and wonders. This was one of the most pivotal days of my life. I re-committed my life back to the Lord and received “eternal salvation” and “everlasting life” with Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

I am so glad that God took the time and was very personal with me. The lifestyle I live now is not embarrassing nor does it bring me shame. I am proud to follow Jesus and His Way. My life has never been the same and neither will yours.

I am now the spiritual leader of Abigail Meadows Ministries and have founded several organizations whereby we bring the word of God with Kingdom Power and Kingdom Demonstration.  I am a Prayer Warrior, Liturgical Dancer, Vocalist, Song Writer and Author.   "Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit says the Lord."  Zechariah 4:6

My main vocation is to serve the Lord as a Prophetic  Intercessor with fasting and prayers.  If you feel led to support me as an intercessor, it would be greatly appreciated.  Please click on Support Our Vision and donate to our ministry.

.....for as soon as Zion Travailed she brought forth her children.  Isaiah 66:8
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